21 Mai / May 2011


Trefor Pier

misty hilltops

Trefor and Gyrn Ddu & Gyrn Goch

gadael Trefor

Graig For

Graig For

Graig For & Trefor Quarry

Graig For

edrych nol at Draeth Trefor

Trefor granite Quarry

Graig For

looking towards West End Cottage and Graig For

fine sea cliffs

ger y mor

Trefor Quarry

towards West End Cottage

Bwthyn West End

Sychnant cottage

under the former quarry railway

Moel Pen Llechog

top of Gyrn Goch in mist

Bobby & Brian

Bobby again

towards Merbwll

elevenses near Merbwll

It starting to rain!

Alison leading the way

looking back at Moel Pen Llechog

lower slopes of Tre'r Ceiri

cerdded lan at Dre'r Ceiri

walking up to Tre'r Ceiri

Peter & Alison below Tre'r Ceiri

Peter having a break

Ann & Alison not hungover this time (for a change!)

Merv definitely hungover!

climbing up to Tre'r Ceiri

Peter & Alison

Tre'r Ceiri before the mist descends

lan i Dre'r Ceiri

Iron Age huts inside Tre'r Ceiri fort

Cytiau Tre Ceiri

Tre Ceiri

nearing the summit

mist descends

Tre Ceiri summit

Bobby & Ann

on the way down

thick mist now

massive ramparts of Tre'r Ceiri

Alsion at the entrance of hillfort


misty lunch




along Bwlch yr Eifl in awful conditions (rain, wind & low mist)

below the mist at last towards Trefor