Longtown 2013

2 Mawrth / March 2013    14 Miles        Crib y Garth (Cat's Back) - Twmpa     Arweinydd / Leader Gareth Rees

Group Photo below Crib y Garth (Cat's Back)

start of climb to Cat's Back

and more climbing

nearly at the top

Crib y Garth out of the mist

Black Hill trig point

Wyn testing the ice

you go first

Onwards towards Hay Bluff

Black Hill

Jeff & Curon

Toward's Hay Bluff

Illtyd & Curon

Bridget & Rachel

Gareth at Hay Bluff


good lunch spot



Twmpa ahead

looking towards Hay on Wye

onwards towards Twmpa

view down the valley

Kevin going around the bend!

looks a bit like Scotland

looking back at Hay Bluff

ascending Twmpa

looking back on Hay Bluff

Illtyd admiring the view

Nant Ysgyllen

surviving memebers

Kevin on the edge

Mandy & Jeff

start of decent

Gareth & Ann

downhill track

drink stop at Chwarel Ddu


Mike and Illtyd

Christine & Twmpa

valley view

back down the valley

11 miles to here


track back to Craswall

pity it's closed

Mike another climb

Nearly back at the cars - light fading fast

evening at the Crown, Longton

Curon, Merv, Wyn

It's party time

Chrsitine, Kevin & Gary


Full swing at the Crown Inn

Illtyd, Jeff, Merv


3 Mawrth / March 2013 6m   Trehir / Longtown - Clydawg / Clodock       Arweinydd / Leader Gareth Rees

Crown, Longtown

leaving Longtown

gadael Trehir

the first of many stiles

along Afon Mynwy

stile gridlock

Gary, Mike & Kevin


climbing from the valley

mistletoe in abundance

drink stop at Old Cour Farm

Wyn & Christine

view of farmhouse

Wyn & Illtyd (and no mobile!)

towards farm

heavy ewes

O lili wen fach, O ble daethost ti? A'r gwynt mor arw ac mor oer ei gri...

Capel Bethel

an interesting looking pig

circuting the conifers

Merv's way of climbing a stile

Trig point hidden in hedge

easy downhill walking

Christine & Brian

view of the Black Mountains

looking towards Clodock

on towards Clodock

Mike & Gareth

nesau at Glydawg

Kevin in the water again

St Clydawg's Church

Eglwys Sant Clydawg

debriefing at the Cornewall Arms, Clodock