3 & 4 Ebrill / April 2011 Longtown      Arweinydd  /Leader Gareth Rees

Crib y Garth (Cat's Back in the distance)

fine ridge

ar hyd y gefnen

golygfa hardd

I think it's that way!

merlod y mynydd

lawr y waered

mervy out for the count (again!)

Crib y Garth (Cat's Back)

Crib y Garth (Cat's Back)

Geraint (in the distance)

Arty Trunk

Glyndwr's standard returns to Erging! (Crown Inn,Longtown)

Kev's parking tips!

Castell Trehir

Longtown Castle and Glyndwr's standard

Ann after throwing the orange peel!

group photo at Longtown Castle

Afin Mynwy/ Monnow River

Illtyd (without his mobile!)

Afon Ecsley

debriefing at Crown Inn, Longtown

lluniaeth yn Nafarn y Crown, Trehir

Bracket Fungi

Bracket Fungi

Bull Baby Mum



Devil's Back Ridge

towards hill

sheep scene





on the hill

fine view

over stile

ready for food

Mandy & Jeff

chapel name plate

spring flowers


tree in distance


Geraint Sleeping beauty

Glorious Mountain Farm

Grooming ponies

Hear, speak, see no evil

Helen on top of the world

Ladies Mantle

Life in Castle walls

Longtown castle

Lunch break

Lunch break



Mmm evening meal

mother nature

Mounatin Air on the washing

Mountain heather, Mandu & Jeff

Nostalgia Peter & Alison

Noatable wise tales from Kevin

Perplex after dinner speech

Ready steady go


The Crown Inn

Toilet Time, Girls!

Waikey Waikey


                                                                           more photos of Longtown Walk

Group picture at Longtown

setting off

before the climb

Catrin & Chris admire the views

Wyn & Peter take advantage of being ahead

a well deserved rest

on the Black Darren

starting to descend


Alison & Peter admire the views

Gareth shepherding his flock

on the flat for a while

climbing again

the end is in sight

line up at the top

trig point

descent along the Cat's Back


dinner at the Crown

the less reputable end of the table

Jeff hold the group's attention