17 Awst / August 2008  9m        Scafell Pike            Arweinyddion / Leaders  Peter & Alison

Wasdale Head

Kirk Fell


Wast Water & Illgill Head

towards Brown Tongue!

I could do with a rest!

How do you work this!

Wast Water

Lingmell Gill

croesi'r nant

nice view

dark clouds!

Black Crag

into the mist

smile please!


below Black Crag

view of Wast Water


Ann yn agosau at y gopa

nearing the summit

Summit of Scafell Pike

the descent

lawr y mynydd

nudden yn codi!

out of the mist

near Springling Tarn


Great End

Geoff & Mike

back to Wasdale Head

Cwm Lingmell

I could walk 10 more miles!

looking back at peak

old pack horse bridge

18 Awst / August 2008   7m     Coniston - Tarn Hows          Arweinyddion /Leaders Peter & Alison

Shepherds Villa, Coniston

near Shepherds Bridge

hunting kennels

inside former kennels

muddy path

approaching Tarn Hows

Tarn Hows

path around lake

Tarn Hows


nice rest!


cinio ar lan y llyn

any scraps?

towards waterfall


lovely falls

near Glen Mary Bridge

Shepherds Bridge

It's not that way!

High Yewdale

Yewdale Crag

Low Yewdale

Coniston Lake

Llyn Coniston

19 Awst / August  2008   9m   Helvellyn      Arweinyddion / Leaders Peter & Alison


Sheffiled Pike ahead

Glenridding Beck

towards Birkhouse Moor



Ullswater & Glenridding

towards Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall

climbing High Spying How

towards Strinding Edge

towars Striding Edge

Striding Edge

huntsman memorial

huntsman memorial above cliff

Striding Edge

Red Tarn from Striding Edge


I'm enjoying this!

Big Step

big step

Helvellyn ahead

looking back at Striding Edge

swirling mist


shelter on summit

team photo on Helvellyn

descending Swirrel Edge

below Swiral Edge

Glenridding Screes ahead

Geoff having help from Illtyd

crossing Red Tarn Beck

Catseye Cam

Glenridding Screes

Glenridding copper relics

20 Awst / August 2008   8m   Llyn Coniston Lake - Blawith Fells     Arweinyddion / Leaders Peter & Alison

Coniston Lake Jetty

all aboard!

Where's the lifejackets?

Old Coniston Hall


Peel Island

back on dry land

Beacon Tarn

Beacon Tarn



towards Blawith Fells

Beacon Tarn

Coniston Lake from Beacon

the Beacon

Beacon Cairn

the Beacon

The Old Man of Coniston

Consiton ferry

Cumbria Way

woods along lake

Coniston Lake

jetty on lake

back to consiton

Old Coniston Hall

Old Coniston Hall

crags above Consiton

primitive wall stile

old mode of transport

can't pass pub!

21 Awst / August 2008  10m     Langdale Pikes     Arweinydd / Leader Peter Walters

Car park at New Dungeon Ghyll

Stickle Ghyll

climbing Pavey Ark

Stickle Tarn

Stickle Tarn

Stickle Tarn

Tarn Crag

Stickle Tarn

Langdale Valley

Harrison Stickle

I fancy a Guinness!

Harrison Stickle

nice view of valley

waht a view!

rugged fells

swirling mist

straight on!


geat view


glad the weather improved

golygfa hyfryd

great album cover

Alison & Ann must be gutted!

Pike of Stickle

Cwm Mickeleden

Pike of Sickle south gully

Lofr Crag & lake

Harrison Stickle

What a view!

What's that mountain?

Cumbria Way

Pike of Stickle

Down into the valley

New Dungeon Ghyll Pub

22 Awst / August 2008  10m     The Old Man of Coniston    Arweinyddion / Leaders Peter & Alison

leaving Shepherds Villa

Coppermine Valley

Levers Water & Coniston Lake

Mike & Ann

waiting for the stragglers!

Langdale Pikes from Wetherlam

Sca Fell Pike

towards Swirl How

group photo

Swirl How

Glad we didn't drink brandy last night!

amser cinio

Wetherlam from Swirl How

towards Old Man

tuag at Old Man

Old Man in distance

approaching the Old Man

view of Coniston Lake


Low Water


Coniston Village

trig point at Old Man of Coniston

Old Man of Coniston

Leader and his assistant!

group photo


i lawr

descending towards Low Water


old slate quarry

Coppermines Valley

Coppermines Valley

Sun Inn, Coniston

disgraceful behaviour!


Coniston Village

Shepherds Villa

local wildlife

Coniston Coop

The Black Bull

main street

Yewdale Hotel


Sun Inn

outside Sun Hill



Crown & The Old Man of Consiton

Geoff's BBQ

the chef at work

I dont like that!

Come and get it!

take your time, Illt!

lantern display

neighbours at lantern display



up she goes

up and away!