Sunday morning before ridge climb to Mahon Falls

Coumalocha Lough, Nire Valley

Sgillogue Lough, Nire Valley

Geraint on Coumfea plateau

Death Sheep Gully, Curraghduff

Gareth on Coumfea plateau

seibiant ar lan Nant Nire

Jackui & Glenda crossing the infant Nire Stream

Rhaeadr Nant Nire

Geraint o flaen Lough Coumfea

Gareth o flaen Lough Coumfea a Coumalocha

Afon Mahon

Mahon Valley

Sgwd Mahon

Mahon Falls

Geraint above the Mahon Valley

Top of Mahon Ridge

mist descending on Lough Sgillogue

Kath & Martin ar Fynydd Comeragh

Flying the flag on the Sunday morning

The Welsh and Irish flying the flag

Keith crossing the stream above the Mahon Falls - posing as usual.

flying the flag with our host John Neylin from Cardiff

Saturday morning before walk

lunch in the mist on Saturday-somewhere near the lake

Keith looking down at the top of the climb - and he said he said he was afraid oh heights

the top of thje Mahon Falls climb - at last said Maurice

looking down on the lakes in the Nire Valley - these are the ones we missed on Saturday

side view of the ridge climb up to the Mahon Falls - yes it was steep!!!

view down Dungarvan Bay

view from the cars back up the Mahon Falls