Cotswolds & Moelfryn / Malverns

25 Medi / September 2010  10m   Bourton on the Water - Lower Slaughter - Upper Slaughter - Naunton    Arweinydd/ Leader Alan Richards

Bourton on the Water

Windrush River, Bourton on the Water

Eglwys Sant Lawrence, Bourton on the Water

Christine & Brian - tuag at Slaughter Isaf

towards Lower Slaughter

River Eye, Lower Slaughter

Lower Slaughter

Lower Slaughter

mill at Lower Slaughter

Upper Slaughter Church

Alan, Upper Slaughter

Brian, Christine, Terry

Jacqui, Glenda, Catrin

Glenda, Pat, Mike

Geoff & Andy

Margaret, Norma, Pat, John - The Warden's Way

Wyn, the gateman

wild poppy

The Wardens Way

Jacqui, Gary, Glenda

approaching Naunton

cyrraedd Naunton



Brian, Norman, Geraint

pentref Naunton

Naunton Church

two sun dials on church tower

Sun dial

sun dial dated 1748

amser cinio - Geraint, Christine, Brian

John, Norman & Chris

Julia & Heather

Gary, Brian, Illtyd, Mike, Kevin, Helen

Terry, Mervyn (aka Selby Sloanes), Andy

Pat, Glenda, Jacqui, Margaret, Norma

Maureen & Ann

John & Wynford

Eglwys Naunton

leaving Naunton

dovecot roof

River Windrush & 16 century dovecot

hen colomendy

dovecot interior



Windrush Valley

Cwm Windrush

following the Windrush Way

Brian & Margaret

The Windrush Way




waiting for Geraint

through crop field

Windrush River at Bourton on the Water

Windrush River

Afon Windrsush

one of many bridges at Bourton on the Water

another bridge

one of many large trout in the river

Bourton on the Water

debriefing at Old Manse, Bourton on the Water

debriefing at Old Manse


26 Medi / September 2010  8m      Moelfryn / Malverns         Arweinydd / Leader Alan Richards

Hollybush Car Park

climbing up to Midsummers Hill

Margaret ar fryngaer Midsummers Hill

Mervyn on Midsummers Hill Iron Age Fort

along Midsummers Hill

through the massive gateway of Midsummers Hill Iron Age Fort

Moefryn / Malverns

name of mushroom please?

looking over the Severn Valley and lost lands of Powys

Eastnor Obelisk

Terry & Chris at Eastnor Obelisk

Fly Agaric


Gary, Helen, Wynford on Hangman's Hill

Jacqui, Glenda, John, Ann, Norman on Hangman's Hill

name of mushroom please?

Giant's Cave or Clutter's Cave

What's Andy doing?

Jacqui at Giant's Grave

Caer y Brythoniaid (British Camp or Herefordshire Beacon)

towards British Camp

tuag at Gaer y Brythoniaid

Norman towards British Camp (Caer y Brythoniaid)

impressive ramparts of British Camp Iron Age Fort -former home of the Celts

Little Malvern Priory

British Camp ramparts from later Norman Ringwork

ditch of Norman Ringwork


Jacqui & Heather on British Camp

descending British Camp

British Camp plaque

climbing next hill

Malvern Hills

Wynford, Gareth, Helen & John - British Camp in distance

Andy & Wynford having breather before next hill

impressive ramparts of British Camp- the inhabitants spoke Brythoneg, an early form of Welsh

Worcestershire Beacon in distance

Worcestershire Beacon

Norman having a rest

this hill isn't too bad!

Julia having some help from Heather

Malvern cattle

Terry's long gone

Three Counties Show

Worcestershire Beacon

drink stop

Worcestershire Beacon - not as high as it looks!

climbing up towards Worcestershire Beacon

Great Malvern below

Gareth, Gary, Illtyd, Helen approaching Worcestershire Beacon

Worcestershire Beacon trig pint

Illtyd towards trig point

hanging around feeling cold

on Worcestershire Beacon

group photo at Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee toposcope

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee memorial


towards North Hill - final ascent

looking back towards Worcestershire Beacon

tuag at North Hill

Great Malvern

Illtyd & Andy on North Hill

Alan on North Hill

Great Malvern from North Hill

Geraint & Brian with Worcestershire Beacon in distance

steep descent from North Hill

descending North Hill

I lawr llethrau serth North Hill

back towards the start

nol i'r dechrau


Other photos from our base in Stow-on-the-Wold

Stow-on-the-Wold YHA

Stow early in the morning

outside youth hostel

Stow on the Wold

market cross in Stow on the Wold

market cross

slightly askew

church tower

Stow on the Wold

the apple pincher!

town stocks where apple pinchers should go!

the late nighters